Why is FFPW Football leasing helmets and shoulder pads?

FFPW Football made a commitment to ensure the utmost safety for the kids in our program. With that commitment in mind, the decision to lease top-of-the-line equipment was easy.  If the same equipment was purchased,  it would take 4-5 years to outfit our kids to the current level we can achieve in just one year by leasing. SAFETY FIRST!

Who do I contact if I have a problem with......?

If you have an issue with anything  on or off the field including a coach, another team, safety, etc., please contact a board member directly. If you are still not satisfied, contact the President of FFPW Football and the issue will be handled. This includes taking the issue to the next scheduled board meeting or an emergency meeting, if required. 

Why do we have to register so early in the year when practice doesn't start until August?

FFPW Football is a non-profit organization and we have a lot of costs that require payment before we ever start practice. These purchases include: Administrative fees, Mid Valley and National Pop Warner fees, insurance, jersey purchase, leasing of equipment and scheduling of facilities for practices and games.

What color of pants do I need to purchase?

​​Black are required for games, but any color may be worn in practice.

What items are not covered in registration that I will still need to purchase?

  1. Mouthpiece (Remember the mouthpiece must attach to the face mask (tethered) and cannot be clear or white.)
  2. Pants are not included. Pants are available from many different sporting good stores. Pants must be black (for games) and fully integrated.
  3. Cleats and socks

Is it true that we no longer have to travel to Albany to pick up and return gear?

Yes, all gear has been handled in Silverton for our kids.

In the 2016 season, do the kids get to keep their jerseys from FFPW Football?

No, in an effort to try to keep the cost down in future years,  the FFPW Football board voted to reuse a higher quality jersey over several seasons rather than purchasing jerseys annually. Again this year, there will be a black home jersey, a white away jersey and a practice jersey (practice jersey can be kept). Away jerseys MUST be worn anytime your team is considered the away team. If away jerseys are not brought/worn, this could cause a forfeit of a game. To be safe, ALWAYS bring both jerseys to ALL games.

Is FFPW Football still associated with Mid-Valley Pop Warner?
Yes, FFPW Football is a member of the Mid-Valley Pop Warner League. MVPW continues to schedule games and referees for all games the league pays for.  MVPW also provides oversight and conflict resolution to ensure that associations have a way to communicate issues that affect all associations.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have more questions? Email us at ericwavra@gmail.com

Does my child need a new physical this year? 

Yes, National Pop Warner requires all players to have a sports physical done each year they play football. Physicals must be dated after January 1 of the year they play football. Because football is such a physical sport, by having a yearly sports physical, PW is able to take an extra step to ensure each player's safety.

We would like to thank Dr. Rod Orr and several of his fellow local physicians at Family Medical Group for helping our program by offering low cost sports physicals each year. 

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